Data Archive

Data Archive

About the Archive

The Odum Institute Data Archive was founded in the late 1960s and houses one of the oldest and largest catalogs of machine-readable data in the United States including the Louis Harris Data Center and the National Network of State Polls. The Data Archive also provides services for researchers in managing, archiving, and preserving research data throughout all phases of the research lifecycle.

University of North Carolina Dataverse

The UNC Dataverse is open to researchers worldwide and across disciplines to deposit their research data. Benefits to depositors include the long-term preservation of data, the creation of a stable data citation including a persistent identifier, and increased visibility of research products through inclusion within the Dataverse catalog. Depositing data into the UNC Dataverse also fulfills aspects of funding agency and journal policies for data management and sharing.

Data Management and Curation Services

In order to accommodate the varying data management needs of the research community, the Odum Institute Data Archive provides multiple data management and curation service levels that include self-service, guided service, and lifecycle service as well as specialized services such as data de-identification, data verification, and the development of multimedia materials to demonstrate broader impacts of research projects.

Data Management Resources

Today, planning for research data management is not only good practice but also a necessity as funders and journals expand data management and sharing mandates. The Odum Institute can guide researchers toward solutions for their data management needs. We work with researchers to provide information on key considerations for managing their research data, outlining the details of funder and other stakeholder requirements, and identifying appropriate resources to assist in preparing and executing data management plans.


The Odum Institute Data Archive is involved in several research projects, including SafeArchive, Virtual Archiving, WILIS 3, and DataNet.